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  • Individual SNP upgrades?

    Over the last 2 years more Y Haplogroup H participants have ordered the Big Y test, not as many as I had hoped for, but it is a good start because it is helping grow the H tree in positive ways.

    My question is, how do I convince FTDNA that certain H SNP's are worthy to be made as an individual SNP upgrade?

    Just as an example, there are 17 of us Lock / Locke participants Y DNA tested of my family tree and I am the only one Big Y 500 tested, it makes no sense to ask the other 16 participants to Big Y test because of the cost of that test. But it does make sense to me if my terminal SNP were made available as a single SNP upgrade which is far more affordable and I am sure I could convince most of my cousins to upgrade by doing the individual SNP upgrade if it were made available.

    I fully understand Y Haplogroup H* is sorely under represented in the FTDNA database, but H* participants have so few SNP upgrade options as it is and not every participant can afford to do the Big Y test as it is beyond their financial means. But most could afford individual SNP upgrades. So I guess what I am asking is, how does FTDNA determine if it is worth the cost to make an SNP available as an individual SNP upgrade? And is there anything I can do as an project Admin to push that along to get more individual SNP upgrades made available?

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    Donald, have you tried sending a message to the FTDNA project support email address. If all else fails you might check to see if YSEQ will test for the desired SNP. I know that won't show up in members results on FTDNA pages but at least you would know and you could add something to the project web page.


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      Hi Jim, in the past yes I had contacted FTDNA asking if they could add an SNP to the individual SNP upgrade list, and I got told I needed to provide them with the starting point and ending point and that they would look in to it. While I Admin the Y Haplogroup H project, I don't know that kind of details, I presumed all I had to do was provide them with the SNP and that they would look that information up since it is they who discovered that SNP in the first place.

      I wouldn't think it would be that difficult, but apparently me being a total novice at SNP's and not knowing the information needed to get the ball rolling is what is holding things up?
      Just as an example, I would like to see H-PH124 added to the list of individual SNP upgrades, but apparently just saying H - PH124 isn't enough information for the help desk, twice they have responded to my request asking for more information "starting point - ending point" type of info and I haven't a clue what that means.


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        From chrY:6,788,511..6,788,511
        From Hg19 position: 6656552; Hg38 postion: 6788511
        Ancestral value: C
        Derived value: G


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          PH124 is available at