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    Is there a way to add a new member without ordering a kit? We just started our surname project, after ordering the kit.

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    I think that "member" as defined by FTDNA is a dna contributor, hence a person who has ordered or submitted a kit. To set up a surname project, however, you could set up a web page about your family and a family list on rootsweb, all of which would not require dna testing. You can use those sites to solicit dna contributors and to trade information with each other. I think you need both, because the dna project needs a venue for disseminating findings to other family members, and a dna project without "paper" research is probably not very useful for genealogy.


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      I am, at the moment so it seems, a group administrator without a group. Not only that, as group administrator I am not a member either, hence my problem.

      When I reading FTDNA's website, I got the impression that ordering a kit was a necessasity in order to start the surname project. Which I did. Replying to the e-mail I received about starting a surname project, I set that up. Now I have the kit, the page, I am group administrator, and cannot add myself as a member of the project without ordering a new kit. Not a just seems like a waste of time and money.

      As for the "paper" research: Becoming interested in the DNA project was a result of that.


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        My problem has been solved; thank you Mark.