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Publicizing your DNA Project to Appropriate Associations

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  • Publicizing your DNA Project to Appropriate Associations

    Great question, not technical, but I thought you guys would have some experience to share. I'm trying to build rapport...any kind of rapport...with the association of the surname I'm a DNA project administrator for. I see all kinds of DNA projects where people have close relationships with the societies or associations. Clan Donald has the DNA project embedded right on their page , Clan Irwin , etc. I've reached out through several channels of my association, including the social media channel to try and see if I can communicate with someone on this and it's just absolute one will even tell me they aren't interested and I should go away. I get no response...nothing...and I know at least the social media manager has seen my message. What am I doing wrong? Or rather, how do you build a relationship right? I need it to get more people interested in testing. Otherwise, results will come in at a glacial pace.