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  • Your Haplogroup test is on order

    Don't know if anybody else noticed this, but in our group if you go to the member's page -> Y-DNA DYS Values at the very top of the page u will notice that the Haplogroup is being specified in red (i.e if the member has no confirmed SNP testing results back). For those members who have not ordered an SNP test the prediction is just the normal J for example with no subclade definition , however for those members with pending SNP test results the Haplogroup prediction has more definition (i.e J1 or J2). Does this mean these are the initial results for the SNP testing?

    Because nowhere else on the homepage can you get a clue about what are the preliminary results of the Deep SNP test. On the Pending Lab results you'll get just the normal message that everybody waiting for his results gets, and if you go to the Haplogroup page you just get a message telling you that testing is in progress.