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Copy&paste with colorization?

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  • Copy&paste with colorization?

    FTDNA just added this option to the Administrator's Page:

    Generate Y-DNA Results (Chart with Mutation Colorization).

    This looks great, but is apparently intended only for immediate use--I see no way to generate a spreadsheet that has this colorization.

    As you know, the Classic view (without colorization) has a very handy Copy & Paste option for generating a spreadsheet.

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    The announcement does say it's a limited system Give them time, I'm sure they'll add more capabilities to it.

    July 27, 2006
    New Colorization Facilities: Family Tree DNA introduces limited COLORIZATION System for group administrators. Please view the Generate Y-DNA Results section to learn more.


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      It does sound like it will be pretty neat, but maybe they should have waited to put it up until it works. LOL, I've been sitting here trying for ages to get it to do something, and the little greek? symbol only does something on the first group in our chart. I just did two groups to see what they would look like 'grouped' and colorized. And I have looked over the page several times looking for the link to 'Download to Excel'. I guess they will let us know when it's up and working. Meanwhile, I have to keep putting my chart back to all 'unassigned' as my administrator is in the middle of another venture and I feel funny changing things without permission.


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        Yikes, now I've done it the site won't let me delete the last of the two groups, and now it looks like I've favored my own group and left everyone else as 'unassigned'. I don't think that will go over very well if I can't change it back.


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          To delete a subgroup, go to the “Members Subgrouping” section, check the box next to the subgroup name, and click the button labeled “Delete Subgroups.”

          ARGH! Yes, I did that, over and over and over and over over and over over and over over and over.


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            OK, I deleted each member separately, and then there were no members in that group and then it was automatically deleted. What a relief!