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How can a person from GP join my project?

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  • How can a person from GP join my project?

    The request to join group link leads you to two options, either order a new test to join the group or enter the kit number and password.

    As I understand from my friend in the Genographic project he only received a kit number from the GP to access his personal page on the GP which a bit different from the FTDNA personal page which requires a password and username.

    So how can a person from GP join my project?

    Is it possible?

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    Once your friend has his GP results, he'll need to look at the very bottom of his GP results page and he'll see a link to learn more about Family Tree DNA. He'll need to click that link, then follow the instructions to create an account at FTDNA and upload his results. He'll be assigned an FTDNA kit#, starting with N.

    Once his FTDNA account is set up, he'll be able to join your project just like any other FTDNA customer would.

    There's no charge to transfer from GP to FTDNA.
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      Thanks Elise. That was helpful.