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Results downloading broken?

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  • rsholmes
    Yes, I've noticed the second of these too. A significant number of kits shown in the results page are absent in the CSV download. And I can't copy and paste from the results screen; that seems to be disabled.

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  • TwiddlingThumbs
    started a topic Results downloading broken?

    Results downloading broken?

    FTDNA's Y-DNA STR results downloading function for admins seems to have developed a number of problems:

    1 - Only the Y-DNA Results download option seems to work; the Y-DNA Results Classic and Y-DNA Results Colorized options don't.

    2 - More seriously, the downloaded files omit some kits that are visible on the results page (I think even if you aren't signed in as an admin). The only workaround would appear to be to do a copy and paste from the results screen into a spreadsheet and then save to create your own csv or Excel file.