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GDPR regulations effective 25 May 2018

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  • KATM
    Roberta Estes has posted today on her blog about "Common Sense and GDPR." It is definitely worth reading. Under the heading "Location," she has two comments (my bolding):
    • While GDPR applies to European residents, you may not be aware that someone is a European resident. I’m going to assume that everyone is a European resident and that way there is no possible mistake.
    • GDPR does not appear to apply to European citizens living outside of the EU/UK.
    She also has posted caveats that what she says in this blog post is her own interpretation of the GDPR, and that she is not a lawyer.

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  • dna
    FTDNA appears to be making sure that all their operations conform to the EU requirements and planned (potential) British ones.

    There is a precedence, since before GDPR came into existence, FTDNA operations were already aligned to EU and Swiss privacy laws. FTDNA has policies others only noticed in GDPR, for example a right to remove one's data (which is not the same as the common "removal from our mailing list") or removal of medically relevant SNPs.

    Using different privacy and security mechanisms would require tracking of citizenships and residency (EU based person can live in the US and test from the US!) and might generate unnecessary complexity. And you had just realized that... It is easier to have one good security and privacy policy.

    I think another F....... company has to scramble.

    Mr. W.

    European trivia: Switzerland is not a part of European Union. Britain still is, but regardless of Brexit happening or not(!) Britain wants to have even more stringent requirements.
    Last edited by dna; 20th April 2018, 12:14 PM. Reason: adding "based in EU" (clarification) + medical SNPs

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