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  • Kit # not visible

    I received a join request from someone who had no kit# showing in the request. I added her, but asked her to place a new order with FTDNA, or transfer DNA results. She replied with her existing kit#. So I asked her to log in and request membership again, but still no kit# displayed, and of course I can't find her in my project member list. I know that she's also a member of a completely private group, so I don't know if that has anything to do with it. Otherwise, I can't find anything in privacy settings that would allow the blocking of a kit number. Has anyone ever heard of this happening?

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    No idea. But it sounds like others have seen issues similar to that shown in this thread.

    Did you go to Member Information to see if the kit is listed there? You can use Ctrl-F to search the kit's name or email. Another option is to remove the need for join requests temporarily so this person can join and then put it up again.


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      Thank you, but I've already done what MMaddi suggested. No, she's not showing up on the member list - no one without a kit number will ever show up on a member list. Guess I'll have to call the office on Monday.


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        This has happened to me about three times, more than a couple of years ago, responding to requests or issuing invitations, ACCEPTing, and then never seeing them, and I suspected two things: 1) they did not have any kits, or 2) their e-mail was filtering out something that needed to go through. MMaddi then confirmed in 2017:

        Accepting a join request that doesn't include a kit number does nothing.
        There have been many problems with Privacy settings, so I am wondering if it is possible to be "invisible" and not even know it.

        My suspicion is that the invitations go by e-mail without reference to a kit, and there is a problem there with them getting to FTDNA without any kit page account(???) How did they request membership in the first place?

        I recently JOINED a non-related (to me) man of interest to our Project that my wife and I sponsored, for my own access to his results, and JOINED him to his appropriate surname project even though he is awaiting his Y results. I will try to query the admin to see if this man shows in his Member Information, I suspect that he will, but I will report back if not.

        Last year, I started going under Project Statistics and Project Joins, and nothing like this has since happened: my public site shows 58 members and they are accounted for in Project Joins, whether they have Full Profile or Basic. I am super-conservative about inviting members since the results are public and the Project Feed is the only advantage the member gets, and my Feeds are seriously under-used.
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          This one was not initiated by invitation - she found the group and submitted a join request. I was able to contact an FTDNA employee via FB, and the person was added to the group. The employee said that the only possible thing that could have happened was that she didn't log into her account first, and then join through her homepage - which I advised her to do. Thanks everyone!


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            My test case showed that Member Information on another surname project than my own showed a member with a kit but no results at this time, from a JOIN request by me.

            You have said it: there is a discrepancy with the account and log in. You should not have to contact FTDNA through Facebook to add someone from a JOIN request.

            I have seen a similar fault-line in procedure when kit members order sales upgrades without going through kit page.

            I assume from this that you got it fixed! No need to respond.
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