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12/12 and 11/12 marker matches

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  • 12/12 and 11/12 marker matches

    Could use a little help figuring this out.
    My bro matched 12/12 to a fella that is fr a Pa line.

    Ok......this same FELLA........and my bro matched 11/12
    to 3 OTHER fellas fr this same line, BUT 2 of the fella's are
    fr different sons of main ancestor....other fella is fr another
    son of main ancestor and the fella my bro matched 12/12
    is yet fr another son of main ancestor.....

    My question. Since my bro matched to this fella.....12/12
    does this mean this fella's main ancestor and our main
    ancestor should be brother's?

    And because the other 3 fella's are fr main ancestor but
    different sons of main ancestor, is this why we matched

    if I confused you......I am confused. thanks, Nena

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    I would not draw ANY conclusions from your test results. 12 markers is NOT enough really determine anything. I have several participants in my BLAIR project who have matched 12 for 12 and ended up with 22 or fewer matches for 25.

    IF you had a strong paper trail connecting these two participants then maybe I would accept the 12 for 12 as meaning something. But if there is no known connection between the two lines you'll have to upgrade to the 25 marker test before you can reach any conclusions.


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      thanks.....4 of these folks have upgraded to 25 markers.....


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        12/12 match

        We are currently waiting for our 25 Marker tests to be posted. At this date, we only see 12 markers posted for the 25 marker Y-DNA test results (all five posted match at 12/12.)

        All of our participants purchased the 25 marker tests but, only 12 markers are listed on our pages.

        1. Can we draw any conclusions with the 12/12 matches?

        2. How long will it take for the rest of the test markers to be added to our list?

        3. We have a confirmed paper trail with the five 12/12's so, does this help us out before we get the rest of the numbers for the 25 markers?

        Thanks for your help! This is really an exciting project to be participating in!!