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  • Fast Moving Markers

    I wonder if the identities of those fast moving markers might vary by haplogroups. Can the generality of fast moving markers be refined by haplogroup, e.g.: does the mutation for marker DYSnnn seem slower or faster among say R1b than among other haplogroups?

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    Fast moving markers

    In general the markers we have hilighted are 'fast movers' across various Haplogroups. To illustrate this point I suggest reading a paper recently published that ranks approx. 40 different markers across various populations. Althouygh some populations show a relatively slower mutation rate on some of the fastest moving markers from European populations the ranking still shows that in general, these markers are the fastest movers across all populations.

    As we develop better, more accurate numbers based upon family projects will reflect those new facts on our web site.

    Meanwhile it would be informative to look at the MUMMA DNA SURNAME project for an excellent study and application of the mutational rate in this specific family study to look at mutation rates in various global populations to see the May 2003 published data from the MUMMA Project
    Max Blankfeld
    Vice-President and COO @ Family Tree DNA
    A Gene by Gene Company