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    Now I know that mtDNA refers to the maternal side of the DNA and takes us back to one of the seven daughters of Eve. However...and this is for future reference at should I be looking at this. If I take my mother's mtDNA that will take me to her mother (my maternal grandmother), and her mother who came from England; if I take my father's mother's mtDNA (my paternal grandmother), and her mother who came from Ireland; or does the maternal grandfather's mother (Irish), or his Scottish father's mother come into it?

    Now the way I see it there are two ways to go. I find my first cousin (female) from my mother's side...or do I hold that mtDNA myself? Or do I hold my paternal grandmother's mtDNA?

    Thanks for your assistance in deciding how this works.


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    You have your mother's mtDNA. She passed it down to her children, both male and female, but the males do not pass it to their children, only females. A female cousin who is the daughter of your mother's sister would have the same mtDNA as you. Your paternal grandmother would have her mother's mtDNA (from Ireland). The Y-chromosome DNA is found in the nucleus of the cell while the mtDNA is in the body of the cell. If I remember my physiology correctly (been a few years), at fertilization only the nucleus of the sperm penetrates the egg, thus the mtDNA is lost.


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      Hi Stella,

      Thanks Stella...that sets it out in English eh...both ways. Puts me at Saddleworth in Yorksire then. Hang it doesn't..that's Sarah Large... might still be at I have to research them...oh well...such is genealogy (or is that life?).