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Numbers too big for squares

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  • Numbers too big for squares

    oky i am figuring i am not the only near blind for reading glasses type and maybe your numbers in the ydna chart are not fitting in the squares and look strange
    as usual eileen
    one of this excellent crew helped me maybe you wont have to bother her not that it is but they do a days work .

    Hello Jim,

    Thanks for the picture, it was exactly what I needed in order to figure out what you were seeing! The letters aren’t fitting into the space provided because the text is set to view at its largest. Try highlighting some of the text in the chart with your mouse, then click on the “View” menu at the top of the page. Select “Text Size” and then “Larger.” This should keep the numbers large and easier to read but should still fit into the space provided in the chart.

    E-mail any time,

    Eileen Krause