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  • Uploading Charts

    I guess I will be known for the most stupid Question, anyway after looking at everyones websites and charts, How do you get the charts uploaded and what progam do you use? I have tried wordperfect 9 and they get all messed up when I do most any file.
    I bought Dreamweaver 3 last year and then got a account with Homestead and abandoned Dreamweaver . Homestead however doesnt have any charts or tables that I can find.
    Since I don't seem to have any participants other than immediate family this hasn't been a big problem, but in time I hope to have a need for a nice chart of some kind and would like to be prepared!
    Any and all help Greatly Apprec.

    PS. I am willing to buy a progam if it makes life easier!
    John you had an expecially nice website, what progam do you use?
    Thanks! Nancy

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    Hi Nancy,

    I use FrontPage 2000 for all my websites. To take full advantage of all its features your hosting service needs to support the FP2000 extensions. My results are in a table and the Genetic Distance Analysis are actually jpeg images of a spreadsheet I use. The Pedigree diagrams are also jpeg images of spreadsheets.

    The good thing about using FP2000 is you do all your updates right on the server.



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      Hi Nancy,

      I use DIY (Do It Yourself) Webkit. It is so easy and simple (has to be for me) and the support is good if you need help. If your interested you can go to my websit and click on their logo at the bottom of the homepage. The program is priced competively and a small fee for hosting services. I certainly couldn't have done what I have with the website without DIY help. They have several formats to choose from.



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        I use Netscape 6 for text and the Y-DNA table is created by
        saving an Excel table in HTML format and cutting and pasting it
        into the proper place using the "HTML view" in Netscape.
        I am not 100% happy with the control I have of the width of columns
        But it was easy to learn (about 30 minutes total) and it gave most what I wanted.
        I am going for basic info and have no art abilities to speak of.
        I envy some of the designs I see.


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          Thanks everyone for your quick replies.
          I will check these out and hopefully something will work for me.
          I don't really want to change web host at the moment but I could possibly link with a index page if needed.
          Thanks Again


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            Uploading Charts

            How do you cut/paste the charts from FTDNA to XLS or Word? When I cut/past, everything gets plopped into one cell or as a long list down the side of the page. I can code HTML pages in my sleep but I'd rather not manually type all the numbers. What am I missing in the cut/past process?


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              To copy FTDNA charts to Excel, first make sure you have as many blank spaces available in your excel file area as you have in the FTDNA chart. This is to avoid overwriting. If the chart is 12 across and 6 down, you need that much available space. Then highlight the FTDNA chart, cut (control C), bring up your excel page, place your cursor in the square where you want the first square of the chart to be (for example A1) and paste (control V).
              The chart should copy into the correct number of squares across and down. Then just adjust the sizes of the squares to hold the data, on the bar at the top. This works for me.


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                Hi Nancy,

                You mentioned Dreamweaver 3. Well I was on to my son to do the hard work of making a website for the DNA Project. But he didn't. Instead I got given Dreamweaver 4 for Dummies for Christmas. I have only read the first four chapters to make my site and it has been a breeze. If you want to update go to and download Macromedia MX. Just click on the Dreamweaver 4 pattern when you start using it, as it is a wee bit easier than the MX pattern. As for uploading the charts Dreamweaver does it all for you, albeit with the help of Number Three son showing me where to click on the properties chart. One hazard with Dreamweaver though is after thirty days it expires and you really need to buy it. You can see my site at . Just click on the shield.

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                  could you please help me

                  Originally posted by Jim Hull
                  Hi Nancy,

                  I use DIY (Do It Yourself) Webkit. It is so easy and simple (has to be for me) and the support is good if you need help. If your interested you can go to my websit and click on their logo at the bottom of the homepage. The program is priced competively and a small fee for hosting services. I certainly couldn't have done what I have with the website without DIY help. They have several formats to choose from.

                  I am new to diy webkit and was wondering if you could tell me how i can link a blank page to a design that i have fone with a Template! as it does not let me save it in the same file. Also How would i go about linking a page so that when i add a item to one page. the another page is altamaticly updated with what i put i=on the other page?

                  Also how do i add a button to a template that does not have one

                  Any hekp you can give me would be greatfuly apreciated
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                    I use Coffee cup HTML editor, and I have my DNA results chart in Excel. I don't know how to go from Excel to my html editor. Do I make a chart with the right number of cells across and down and cut and paste (this doesn't seem to work), or can a spread sheet from Excell be converted somehow?

                    I know...really dumb questions...

                    Thanks a bunch,


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                      I know this thread has not been replied to in a lil while, but I will anyway lol.

                      I too use Front Page 2000. The table is quite easy to manage and extend as new upgrades like the new 67 marker. So I now have the 67 marker table only using the table feature on Front Page. Go ahead FTDNA, upgrade to a new 100 marker, I am ready for you! lol.

                      The problems I have seen in the past using other programs and adding it to html pages is, not every system uses the exact same browser versions, and there are still many old computers out there with limited monitor resolutions.
                      So what happens is, you copy code from other programs like Excel and add it to a html page, it may look great to you, but it may not look so great to others. I happen to have 4 computers here all different makes and models and all with different monitors, browsers and operating systems, so what looks ok on one screen, may differ on another screen.

                      Any time your taking source code from outside a html editor and combining them to create a html page, your taking the chance that the codes are not a 100% match made in heaven. It may look great on your screen, but on other systems, your tables or what ever, maybe be completly out of whack.
                      So ask others to view your updates to be sure all is well.
                      Very few people think of this when using multiple software to build web pages, and many are shocked when I email them and tell them what I see on my screen. And the problems are almost always with tables made with excel or similar software.

                      If you do this, at least play with your screen resolutions and recheck your web pages which you just uploaded, what looks great at the higher resolutions, may not work for the lower resolutions, and again, keep in mind there are many old comps out there using the lower resolutions!

                      For me, Frontpage does it all without having to bring in outside source code, so what I create with in Frontpage, (tables) is viewed the same regardless which monitor resolution, or browser one may use.
                      For me, it is a waste of my time using multiple programs to get the same end result, when I can use 1 program to do it all.

                      Please keep that in mind when using multiple programs to build html pages, what you see on your screen doesn't mean that is what everyone see's.
                      To many variables out there to be sure your code is compatible with all browsers and monitor resolutions.
                      The only true answer to it all, is to use only 1 html editor and keep it simple, any time you bring in source code outside of an html editor, your taking the chance that others will not appreciate your hard work because your tables are a mess on their screen.

                      And like it was already mentioned, not all ISP's except MS extensions, so before buying software like FrontPage, be sure your ISP will allow the use of MS extensions.


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                        Web pages/Charts/Graphs

                        So far i have used a combination of Dream Weaver for the pages and use Open Office to create the charts and ggraphs (which is done in HTML), allowing for copy and paste into the Dream Weaver page. We're still a rather small group, only 36 members to date, so I'm not sure if this will work as easily once we (hopefully) gorw to a "respectable" number of project members.

                        You're welcome to check out the charts & graphs I have on the site to see if they're what you're looking for.

                        The only thing that is really kicking my behind is trying to create the phylograph. Of all the charts and graphs, I think this is the most visually "rewarding" for members and site visitors. That whole X-Y Matrix thing is not something I can recall since schooling is VERY far in my distant past! I have even tried the free d/l from Fluxus, way over my grey head!


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                          Uploading Charts ...

                          I use NetObjects 8.0 for all my web sites, but my St*rling Project DNA chart is done very simply with the following code snippet that is added to my results page ...

                          <object id="iframe1" data="" type="text/html" width="990" height="640"></object>

                          Replace the 'kits=D3159' with your own surname project number.

                          Thanks go to Jason S. Clary for his code. Jason is the person who gave his colorization code to FTDNA that you now see in the FTDNA charts. Jason has a web page that explains how to use his code here ...


                          To see this in action go to my results page at ...




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                            Thanks for sharing

                            Oh LOVELY! I'll have to give the code a try on our next update!

                            Thank you AND Jason for sharing!