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    How can project admins see the upgrade pricing? I do not have a kit myself - but I am the admin for six surname projects. This is the one of the questions I get asked most often. Searching on the FTDNA website will not bring up these pages. Searching on the forums does not bring up these pages. There is no link to these pages under "resources" on the Gap page. There doesn't seem to be ANY way for project admins to find out what it costs to upgrade. I truly do not understand this?

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    If kit holder has a test already like yDNA37, they can find out upgrade price for higher levels by clicking on their upgrade button (an admin can check this way also).

    See attachment for current upgrade prices
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      you can also use the FTDNA contact form and select Group Project > I am a Project Administrator and inquire


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        There is supposedly going to be a sale related to Father's Day that will include upgrades.