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GAP 'blacklist'? - warning shows on my GAP page

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  • GAP 'blacklist'? - warning shows on my GAP page

    "One of the email addresses associated with this account is currently on our blacklist. An email address will get placed on the blacklist when an attempted message can not be delivered. Please contact us through our contact form from the blacklisted address to verify the address is active and the address will be removed from the blacklist. "

    The above cryptic message has been appearing on my GAP page when I log in.

    It is cryptic because it doesn't tell me what email is blacklisted (or any clues as to why).

    When I click the link to go 'contact form' it asks me to log in with the blacklisted email addr ? (but it hasn't told me what it is).

    Am hoping someone can suggest a way to resolve this ?


    Doug Marker

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    If you would like to send me a private message with the project name and your email address I would be happy to take a look.

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