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  • Boundaries

    Someone has changed one of the settings on my personal page at FTDNA. I had configured my options so that my data and contact information was exposed to the entire FTDNA database. Someone has changed this setting so that now my data is only compared to the members of my surname project. I did not make this change, so I can only assume the administrator has made this change.

    Even if the administrator has good intentions, (she may think she is trying to protect my privacy), hasn't she overstepped her boundaries by changing this setting without first asking my permission?

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    I would suggest that you talk to your project administrator and find out if she did it and if so, why. From your message I get the impression you don't know for sure she even did it. She is one you need to talk to.

    As a Project Administrator myself, I would not change anyone's settings without their request or approval, except to temporarily change the setting to show matches with other surnames to see if there were any matches, and then change it back to the original setting before leaving their page.

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