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  • Wiley Dna Project

    I am group administrator for the Wiley DNA Project. I would like to welcome any Wiley Males or anyone who would like to prove or disprove relation to this line. I have documentation of last known Wiley as John Wiley born about 1819 in possibly Virginia,Vermont,Canada. (dates differ on census)
    Married (though no marriage lic) to Eliza Sawyer.
    Son Amos Wiley born abt. 1859 married Alice Holt in 1887 (This is my great Grandparents.) This is where I think the Native American comes from " Alice Holt" I wanted to mention this so if you visit my website and you don't have Native ancestry, you may still be related to my Wiley Ancestors. This is what I hope to find out.
    I have to date had two Wiley males from my Wiley line tested . One result is in (waiting on DNA Print) and other Wiley results are in the lab. For more information on who has been tested and to see results please visit my website.

    Wiley DNA Project

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    Delaware Wileys

    Wiley is my Mother's maiden surname and she was born in Wilmington Delaware (1920) There are Wiley males here in Delaware and they may be interested in participating in your project. Although I have little to no contact with my Mother's only brother I can see that they know of your project.


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      Thank You, I would welcome any Wiley (Males) to the project!