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  • "Cook Ear"

    Here is an amusing email I received from a participant of another DNA Project yesterday. Maybe someone can help me answer it correctly.

    My maternal grandmother's maiden name was Cook. Her parents died when she was young and she was raised in the Baptist Children's home here in Brentwood, TN. I have not been able to get very far on this line. I would somehow like to get into the Cook database. Of peculiar interest is ear type. I recently met a Dr. Jeoffrey Cook, an orthopedic surgeon here in Cool Springs, Tn, whose ears both look like my right ear. I now refer to this as the "Cook ear" and would like to know if there are other Cooks out there with similar looking ears. The ear is not smoothly rounded as most. My wife says it looks like a piece is cut off. If you can imagine barely folding the ear in the middle of the rounded part so that there is a point, then you can come pretty close to imagining what the ear looks like. It more or less has a point with flat approaches instead of a nice rounded edge. In other word, it just doesn't curl at that middle point. Is there a genetic way to track this?

    Some of the emails that come in are VERY interesting to say the least! LOL

    Joe Cook
    Cook/Cooke/Koch DNA Group Admin.

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    Hi Joe,

    Well I have looked at this physical stamp myself. I have found that in a lot of POWERs that we have small stumpy hands...smaller than a woman's. Of course this is not to say all have as two have mentioned they have huge hands. I have also found that I have no hair on my legs and very little on my did my father...although I suspect this is from his maternal side..CAMPBELL. Had a mate in the Navy whom we called Pixie. You have seen Mr Spock's ears in Star Trek...reckon they got that idea from Pixie CARRUTHERS.