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How to Y-Haplo subgroups?

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  • How to Y-Haplo subgroups?

    When I started my surname project over 10 years ago I soon saw how confusing a massive list of all Y-Results looked. So I created Male Haplo Subgroups of A, B, C...R, S, & T. Then as more men increased the testing on their Y chromosome and R1, R1a, & R1a1 began to show up I added more subgroups. But now that the Terminal SNP is being used to define an individuals Haplotype, I need another method of classification. Any suggestions?

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    You can use a combination of the alpha numerical and the SNP.
    Eg; R1b L21, R1b U152, I1 L338 etc....
    Check out the haplogroup projects to see how they sort the groups.
    I tend to stick to the broader major branches until men have SNP tested.

    If men have been SNP tested I use a longer description to show the path, for two close groups., eg
    R1b U106>L48 and
    R1b U106>L48>Z7


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      Continue using your current method. You can find the old style name at

      I use CTL-F to open a "Find" field and then search for the SNP.


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        How to Y-Haplo subgroups?

        I see three different ways of subgrouping a surname project: (1) by haplogroup, (2) by matches, and (3) by papertrail paternal lineage. I subgroup my project participants based on matches. I plan to stick with this method because these are the men that should be talking to each other. Seems to me if the haplogroup method was the best way then FTDNA's software could do the subgrouping for us.