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Requesting Dashboard Adjustments & Related Improvements for Access and Usage

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  • Requesting Dashboard Adjustments & Related Improvements for Access and Usage

    For the benefit of both customers and project administrators, I am requesting three adjustments to the dashboard so that it is more useful and intuitive -- as it was earlier this year.

    * In the last few months, it is now a convoluted task to explain to project members how to access "Most Distant Ancestors." Previously, the instructions were simple for anyone to follow: "Go under 'My Account' > 'Most Distant Ancestors.'" Period. Now, not only are there multiple steps, but the steps feel like a path that winds through a jungle - requiring a description of where to find relevant links in a sea of options on each page.

    Today, after directing a project member to "Most Distant Ancestors," the member wrote the following to me, "I must say, the interface is one of the most confusing and unintuitive ones I have ever seen!" And this member is a doctor, presumably accustomed to (and adept at) dealing with complexities!

    * Restoring easier access to the page for "Results Display Settings" would also be greatly appreciated. Some members have made an attempt and just given up.

    * Another difficulty is having customer names cut off (in the upper right of each page). Most often the last name is fully or partially cut off. This requires careful attention to avoid thinking I am dealing with Mr. Woods rather than Mr. Woodstock (for example), and has the potential to result is mix-ups and errors. Perhaps the full name could extend onto two lines instead of one or the middle name could be dropped instead of listing partial / distorted versions of names. Currently, when looking at a customers' results page or matches page, the only way for a project administrator to verify the member name for the data being viewed is to go back to the home page to check the Account section or look up the kit number. In the past, a split-second glance in the upper right of any page allowed quick verification of the member's name. This was especially helpful when I would be interrupted in the middle of a task and get back later to the computer, hoping to pick up where I left off. Or, when I've drawn a conclusion and am ready to relay that to a member.

    Changes in these areas would be greatly appreciated!

    Martha Hicks

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    Please send these requests to Customer Support, in addition to posting here, so they get properly documented.

    Thank you!