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Transfer Blues - a +50 member site trying to migrate

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  • Transfer Blues - a +50 member site trying to migrate

    In response to a previous topic of why isn't grouping easier: why isn't everything easier?

    My former MyFamilyDNA site members include many DNA donors that are not young (including me, 63) but unlike me, they do not spend a lot of time at their computers or even care about their DNA scores until they see them in a GRID with a grouping showing their suspected or known lineage.

    The inherently conservative ones, regardless of age, are going to buy the $19 transfer initially, but will not pay $58 at one time when they have paid over $150 for their initial Sorenson results, because (like me) a lot of them are on a fixed income. However, when they do not see their Haplogroup displayed or cannot do matches, they then become interested in the "upgrade." All of my current FTDNA site members have non-uniform results (including me) because only one member could figure out how to get the maximum results from FTDNA upgrade policies, and it was not me!

    Now to bite the hand: the GRID system used by MyFamily DNA was a model of customizeable software for the Admin, with color coding showing where a grouping column contained non-matched individual scores. simply by leaving the "majority" value in a prevailing color and highlighting the exceptions. I am extremely angry at Ancestry for abandoning this system, and can only hope that the programmers who maintained it can find a place at FTDNA. But I am also angry at FTDNA for not coming anywhere near the level of usability shown on MyFamilyDNA DNA Grids.

    I might also mention that after a three-month delay in getting my upgrade results, none of the scores have remained stable, two key values on my Home Page that I entered as 22 are now showing as 21, but there is no explanation for this from FTDNA: is this a result of my upgrade test? How did they change in a form that I was told "could not be altered or corrected after I entered them?" In fact, why did I not receive any kind of form showing my results from the FTDNA lab, even online? If a Sorenson result is 22 and FTDNA result is 21, then none of the TiP functions are going to work, because now I appear to the be a member of another lineage. It would have been nice to have been notified of my results so that I would be able to warn members that the TiP function would never be accurate for us.

    We also face transfer fees for at least a half dozen scores from deceased or completely inaccessible donors. The fee can be paid from donations, but there is no hope that their haplogroups will show (a major indicator of being in the right group) because of the absurd crippling of the "haplo predictor" and "Matching" that is part of a $19 transfer that can never be upgraded! Very important scores from dead folks cannot (practically) be retested. FTDNA denies us the ability to leverage the knowledge we gained from another service by not displaying a key element (haplogroup). I am not buying any technical excuses for this: I was a programmer and spent over 20 years in tech support for computers, and I know that a standard haplo predictor could be called to generate a value that would "fill in" any "-" displayed by the FTDNA grid.

    There is no problem for an interested wannabe donor, we just tell them to get any of the FTDNA Y tests that meets their budget. But we are having a world of problems with the transfer process.

    In short, we are grateful that FTDNA has provided a path for us to migrate for a reasonable price, but almost no one can navigate to the best method for them to get the most results for the minimal outlay, because the presentation is so complicated and the transfer schedule is almost impossible for any of them to find: if they use the UPGRADE button on their Home Page (acc to them) they are only taken to "Full" testing schedules.