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Genetic Distance Calculator in error

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  • Genetic Distance Calculator in error

    I find that the genetic Distance is not calculated accurately under the Genetic Reports. For instance it shows a match of an ungrouped member with a GD of 0. When I add him to the subgroup and compare his markers on the Y DNA colourized chart, it shows a GD of 8!

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    Are you looking at the correct marker level? Maybe you were looking at the GD for only the first 12 markers?

    If the project has a public website, feel free to post the link here with the kits in question and we can take a look.

    Otherwise, if you think there's definitely an error, you can report it to Customer Support with details:



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      No error, after all !

      You are right Elise. I didn't notice the drop down menu to change the Y #.
      When I changed it to Y37 from Y12 the GD went to 8 rather than 0.

      Now how can I remove my original post so it doesn't mislead people?