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  • Grouping could be made easier...

    I use the Y-DNA Genetic Distance tool under Genetic Reports to determine which members are closely related to an ungrouped member (see Grouping Method below).If the matches are within the thresholds then I have to go to another page to add that member to the same group as his matches.

    This could be greatly simplified if FTDNA made the Y-DNA Subgroup selectable for the ungrouped member as it is for his matches below in the Genetic Distance Analysis table.
    Grouping Method:
    Here is the current approach I'm using for grouping. As you can see, it is very time consuming: the Genetic Distance Tool from the Genetic Reports Menu.
    2.Then select the arrow besides an ungrouped member.
    3. If he doesn't meet the threshold then it will say and he is ungroupable at this time.
    4.if he has matches that are within the threshold then note the subgroup of the closest matches.
    5. Go to the Member Grouping link from the Home page. Choose the noted subgroup and then add the ungrouped member to the subgroup.
    6. Once you've done this for all potential new members of the subgroup then refresh the subgroup so the min,max & mode are recalculated.
    7. Go to the colourized Y DNA results under the genetic Reports menu and check that the additions all fall within the threshold.
    8.if not go back and remove them from the subgroup. I had to do this several times.
    9.Then after an hour, you should refresh that subgroup again.