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How to enter a FF test result into a Surname Project but w/o also entering Y-DNA test

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  • How to enter a FF test result into a Surname Project but w/o also entering Y-DNA test

    I am co-administrator of a small Y-DNA Project that has a recently deceased administrator and have a new (to me) situation to deal with. to wit:

    This Y-DNA project currently has one Y-tested and surname proven member who has also taken the FF test and his results are included in the Project as is provided by FTDNA.

    Yesterday,two new people joined the group :

    Male (not a direct line descendant of the project surname) has tested Y-DNA and FF and both results are now included in his record once he joined the surname project - but since his most recent connection to the surname project is 4 generations back his Y-DNA results should not be attached to the STR results listing for the project.

    Female (above male's Aunt) has tested FF and her results are also now included as part of the autosomal results listing and she matches her nephew with identical chromosome segments and cMs.

    My question is how to have the male participant be included in the FF results listing but exclude him from the Y-DNA results listing?

    All help appreciated.

    Bill Harvey

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    Hi Bill,

    In your GAP, go to Project Administration -> Public Results Display Settings.

    You can disable the display of his Y-DNA results on that page.

    - Check the box next to his name.
    - At the top left, for "Action to Perform" select "Hide Y-DNA"
    - Click the "Update Selected Rows" button

    You should then see No in the Display Y-DNA column to the right of his name on that page, and his Y-DNA shouldn't show up on the project's public website.



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      question answered

      Thanks Elise,

      All is good, again!