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Geno 2.0 results and mtDNA Haplogroup Projects

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  • Geno 2.0 results and mtDNA Haplogroup Projects

    I recently have taken over the administration of the J mtDNA Project. I have been doing some housekeeping tasks and noted something odd.

    I have found some members are not being listed in many of the GAP reports (such as Membership Information, member subgrouping, etc.) but they are listed in the maternal ancestry reports.

    When I click on their kit number (to see their individual record) they do list a mtDNA haplogroup, but it appears this came from the Geno 2.0 test.

    I understand how the raw SNP data for mtDNA isn't being transferred over to FTDNA, but is it possible for there to be better access on the GAP pages for these kits. I would ideally like to be able to add them to their proper subgroup as well as have them publicly appear in the project.