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    Am I the only Admin who is confused by the number of FTDNA sites that now seem to exist? There is this one, there is one at and there is the old format Family Tree DNA site coming up for me. I now have three passwords and user IDs plus my own personal site password. Today I received a notice from a Rebekah Canada telling me there is now a new person for me to contact if I have questions but at the bottom of the page the Texas phone number and address shows up. Does Canada now have its own site? What is up with all this???

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    Rebecca Canada is a person's name. She is in Texas, not Canada. She has made major changes to this forum during the last week or so. Most, if not all of FTDNA's web pages will have their name, address and phone number at the bottom of the page. is not part of FTDNA. It is run as a service to administrators who want free websites for their projects, other than the public pages we can create from the GAP. It is owned and run by Terry Barton.

    Some administrators have their own website. I do so I can present family information in the format I want to use and so I can include Y-DNA results from other companies, for people who don't want to transfer their results to FTDNA.

    Administrators have a GAP website for each of their projects and they have individual websites for each kit they control.