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How do I find a Kit#?

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  • How do I find a Kit#?

    Someone has told me he ordered a kit and gave me the Kit number and then sent a join request. The join request doesn't show a kit number and my "pending tests" or "kits not returned" say nothing is pending. Don't I have to see a kit # to have someone join and don't I usually get an email from FTDNA? I'm not real certain it has been ordered yet but do know he wants to access our project. Thanks! bj

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    There are two ways for you to receive an order request. 1. a person uses the new order join request in which case you won't see a kit number. 2. a person uses the project join request within their "myFTDNA" website in which case you will see a kit number.

    If the person ordered a kit without using the order form to be included into a project and then used the new order "project join request" you would see exactly what you are describing. Until the person has been added to your project you won't see his kit number in any of your GAP reports.

    It would be helpful if FTDNA would let you know the source of the request in the e-mail they send out letting us know about the join request. They could also include the kit number in the e-mail if it has been placed from within the myFTDNA website. I know some request include the person's e-mail address and some don't. I don't remember which is which.

    Clear as mud isn't it!
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      Finding the kit

      Thank you Jim! Not clear as mud. That's exactly what happened. My member forwarded FTDNAs receipt/response to me so I could see it. I'll get him to join our group asap. He moved so fast I didn't get a chance to tell him to go through our group. Thanks again, Barb