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  • Kit not Returned

    I have a person in my project who ordered a Y-DNA 67 test back in Jan. 2013 and more recently a Family Finder test in July 2013. This person having ordered two tests has not returned a test kit as of yet. Has anyone else had this happen? I can understand ordering an initial test and maybe not getting around to mailing it back, but to order another test six months later and not return the kit seems odd to me.

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    Have you written the person as the project administrator to inquire as to what the problem may be? In cases where people have been sent a kit and FTDNA hasn't received the DNA sample in several weeks, I write them to find out what the problem is.

    I ask if they never received the kit or sent the kit back and perhaps it was lost in the mail. I tell the project member, in that case, FTDNA can send them a replacement kit. I also suggest that if they have any questions or doubts about following through on their initial purchase of the test, perhaps I can give them more information that may motivate them to send in the kit with a sample.

    Sometimes this works and the kit shows up at FTDNA and sometimes it doesn't. It does seem strange that the person you mention would order a second test after not returning a sample for the initial test. You'd think that he'd notice he never got results for the first test he ordered.


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      I got a response tonight when I contacted the person about the kit not being returned and it seems the kit was purchased to be used on another person, but that fell through so the person who was funding the kit transferred it to someone in my surname group to try and get them to take the family finder test. He stated the kit was finally delivered in July to the new person testing and he hopes they will send it back soon, but states the new person is also a procrastinator. So at this point it will be wait and see.


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        Guilty-- There is this family member...

        ... who is a real pain to corral. The person -will- do the test... eventually.