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    I have a group member who wanted to order the Family Finder a few months ago and I agreed to use part of group funds to put towards that test. The problem is the member never did pay the remaining balance. Now that the test is on sale at a great price I wanted to just pay for the test myself in order to get more information for my project considering the person will probably not pay. I asked the help desk if I could cancel that test and order a new one at the sale price and put my group funds towards the test to purchase myself. They said they normally won't adjust a price more than a week after a sale, but supposedly would discount the cost to the sale price. That would be fine, but in doing so my group donation is considered part of that discount and not being used towards the 99. new price. I am hoping to just cancel the test all together and have my group funds returned to me. Has anyone else had a problem getting group funds returned on kits that weren't paid for by members?