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Are they in project or not?

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  • Are they in project or not?

    I've begun a group project to administer family members' kits, but am not too sure what I'm doing. I have authorized two kits, which allows me to view them via the GAP login, but neither kit shows as a project member either on the project area or on their own pages; likewise nobody shows on the MtDNA map.

    What do I need to do next? I'd like to be able to analyze the data as well as just have an easier way to access the individual kit pages.

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    Kit Authorization simply allows you to log in to your own kits directly from your GAP account, rather than having to separately log into them. It doesn't join the kits to your project(s).

    You'll need to go to each kit's myFTDNA page, click Join Projects, find your project, and click the Join button.

    Your project will only show up on the Join Projects page if you've already configured the Project Profile page. You'll need to check the box next to "Show project in Surname Project list?" (even if it's not a surname project -- this applies to all projects).

    NOTE: Your project will only show on the Join Projects page if it was created within the last week. This is a temporary issue -- IT has to fix a bug where projects with zero members are only displayed for one week. Projects with at least one member are not affected by this bug. So it just creates a challenge for getting the first kit into the project

    If your project was created more than a week ago, here's a workaround:

    1) In your GAP, go to the Project Profile page
    2) Copy the RETURNING JOIN LINK address
    3) LOG OUT OF YOUR GAP ACCOUNT (Important!)
    4) Go to and log directly into your kit using the kit # and password
    5) Paste the Returning Join Link address into your browser's URL/address bar and press Enter/Return to load the page.
    6) You should now be at your project's join page. Look for the small orange Join button on the page and click it.
    7) Your kit should now be in the project. Go to the myFTDNA homepage (click HOME in the blue menu bar at the top left) and you should see the project listed along the left side.

    You can now log out of your myFTDNA account and log into your GAP again.

    Once the first kit is in the project, you won't have to go through this workaround again. You can access the other kit's myFTDNA account from the Kit Authorization page in your GAP, go to the Join Projects page in myFTDNA, find your project, and join it.

    Hope this helps! Sorry it's so complicated -- it's only because of that one-week bug. Once the bug is fixed, people will be able to go directly to a kit's Join Projects page to get the first kit into the project.

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      Thanks, I'll set to following your instructions.