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Group fund and 12 marker order.

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  • Group fund and 12 marker order.

    I tried to order a new Y 12 marker kit today using the general fund to pay for the kit in full. I was not able to complete the transaction because FTDNA does not allow 12 marker kits to be placed on "invoice" method, why I haven't a clue!

    How is an Admin to be able to make an order for a new participant being paid with the general fund in full, if we can not click on the invoice payment?

    This seems to defeat the purpose of online ordering for new kits being paid for out of the general fund. #1. I am hearing impaired, I hate talking on the phone because I do not hear well on the phone.
    # 2. This "invoice" option for Admin's used to be an option once upon a time, but is no longer an option which defeats the purpose of making orders online.

    I was told that the 12 marker invoice option is no longer available out of fear a participant won't pay for the test. Um? When the Admin of the project is making the order and going to pay for the test in full from the general fund, it will be paid in FULL! lol.

    This needs to be corrected, other wise you force me to make a phone call to FTDNA which will not get me in a good mood because of my hearing impairment, I hate talking to anyone on the phone because of my bad hearing.

    I can understand FTDNA not allowing this option for new participants, but not allowing us Admin's to make orders online using the general fund seems silly to me.

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    I believe a request has been submitted to IT to allow admins to order 12-marker kits using general funds. I'm not sure where that request is on IT's very long to-do list, though.

    In the meantime, you can email your request to FTDNA. The email backlog has been greatly reduced, so it shouldn't take more than a few business days (at most) to get a response.



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      Thanks Elise, I phoned in the order because I find the email system to take to long, so the kit has already been ordered.

      I don't know why this option was changed in the first place?
      Regardless this needs to be fixed.
      I know the IT team has a thankless job and a never ending job, but this should be a priority I think because it is the Admin's who bring in 100's if not 1000's of new DNA participants to FTDNA every year, making our lives as Admins easier should always be a priority for the IT team.


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        Driving me crazy.

        Exactly. I come up against this all the time . was 4 or 5 years ago that this was posted and it still has not been fixed. Does anyone have a work-around please?


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          I just tried it without completing the transaction. I can check the box just fine. Try the following. Log out of FTDNA. Go to the projects page and find the project you want the Y12 order to join. Don't click add order just yet. Open a new tab and log into your GAP account. Copy the URL (web address) of the first tab and place it on your other tab and load the page. Now add the Y12 (or whatever test) to the cart. Remember to set the gender and then follow through with the transaction with that "Bill me later" invoice option. After you are done you can go ahead and use the general fund to pay.

          Or to simplify it further. Log into your GAP. Go to Project Administration > New Member Order. You will be shown the cart. At the top of the page, at the end of the URL (web address) you will see "shoppingCart". Simply add "?pid=1671" at the end and hit Enter. That will add Y12 to the cart. To place Y25 in the cart, add "?pid=1673" at the end of the URL instead.
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