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Moving an entire group

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  • Moving an entire group

    I am a brand new project administrator and did a search on my question with no luck.
    I created a new category and added a member of the project to this category. However I want this new category in another location within the classic display.
    How do I move it? Thanks in advance.

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    Are you referring to the member subgroups as shown for project Y-DNA and/or mtDNA results? If so, I believe the subgroups are listed in alphanumeric order of the subgroup name. To change the order of the subgroups would require changing the name(s) of one or more subgroups.

    You might use a short subgroup name to control the order of the list and a more descriptive "subgroup description" to provide additional information about the subgroup.


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      I see thank you. I will take a look at that later. I had not considered automatic alphabetical order.