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Match Notifications Don't Tell If Both Are In Project

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  • Match Notifications Don't Tell If Both Are In Project

    When I get an email match notification that a certain project member has a match, it only says that the matchee is with "another person in the FTDNA database". Why can't the email also tell me if the other person is also in the project? This would be very helpful to those of us group admins that have ungrouped project members that we'd like to move into a subgroup.

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    One of our Project participants has his Home Page set to 'any surname' as he is descended via the female line, i.e. no known father, in the late 1800s. We recently received notification that he had a match in the database but at that time the results were not found in YSearch to compare. Contact was made with the other participant and results compared. They have a 37/36 match with the one step mutation being on a fast moving marker in the 3rd panel. FTDNA advise that if there is a match with another surname then the relationship could be before surnames were used. Would this still apply to someone who is missing a 'forefather'?

    Admin. for Sirmon DNA Project (any variation of spelling)