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What's next on the minus CTS4179 line?

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  • What's next on the minus CTS4179 line?

    According to last year's ISOGG chart I'm R1a1a1b1a3*, but this was last year.

    Is there any progress down this trail that anyone knows about?

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    We have a better idea of which L448+ clusters are CTS4179+, and which are CTS4179-.

    We also have some new STR clusters within L448+ CTS4179-. You remain unclustered.

    And a few more unclustered results which are L448+ CTS4179-.

    Two SNPs have been found downstream of L448+ CTS4179-, but each has only been found in one person to date. So they may not be large in scope.

    So, no developments which directly affect you, I'm afraid.

    At least two L448+ CTS4179- people are undergoing next-generation Y sequencing. Stay tuned...

    See also:
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      Thanks yet again to Jessant who is always up-to-date with this part of the haplogroup tree.


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        YP 355

        Further to the foregoing messages it seems that the subject SNP has turned up and looks like the line I should investigate.

        I'd appreciate anyone's advice on that course although FTDNA do not list a test of that SNP as at today 25 April. No doubt they will eventually.

        I wonder if there are people who already have a result for YP 355 from any other testing source? Who are they and where dwelt their forebears would be very interesting to know.


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          I noticed that the R1a1a

          project posted YP355 on the map.

          I posted on another forum if that meant they had enough tests to confirm that as the SNP for Cts4179-.

          My understanding was that there was only 2 Big Y test in the 8.B cluster for L448.

          Drop me a line I am Kit #309012 in the 8.B2B cluster.



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            Well there is no more minus= I am YP355

            Just tested with YSEQ and I'm positive for YP355