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Genetic history of BI - Norman Influence

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  • Genetic history of BI - Norman Influence

    From what I read below, the article I have included state other invasions, such as from the Normans, did NOT contribute to the genetic make up of the British isles. However, my maternal line is my “British” line and my Mtdna is made up of mainly Germany/French and some Scandinavian(Also some Italian). I can go back several generations and we have “Norman” surnames. My family comes from the southern/ southeast part of the British isle.
    Question is : Does anyone else have this genetic makeup AND have surnames that are “Norman” in origin.

    i am not trying to debunk the studies just generally curious if anyone else fits this scenario!

    “ The French contribution was not linked to the Norman invasion of 1066, however, but a previously unknown wave of migration to Britain some time after then end of the last Ice Age nearly 10,000 years ago.”

    Thanks in advance for any answers!
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