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Any current British DNA projects ?

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  • Any current British DNA projects ?


    I am a newbie and very excited to start more research . From Mtdna results I am HG H1ag. From my genealogy research and known family information, my maternal line comes from the Southeast England, and I am also a Macmaster by way of my gg grandfather on my mothers side as well. However by my maternal line it branches off from my Scottish line as that is from my gg grandfather. I am still waiting on autosomal results. Can anyone kindly recommend any current projects or literature on ancient people’s of British isles. I have a paper trail for my maternal line about 5 generations back and am working with surnames Wicks and Woods. I read Wicks was a Norman surname but that only about 2% of Norman’s make up British population.
    Any advice on this topic is much appreciated! The more the better !

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    Silly me, I found them lol.