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Gresham males in UK willing to take a 111 marker yDNA test

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  • Gresham males in UK willing to take a 111 marker yDNA test

    I'm a Hewitt family researcher in the US who found out in Nov 2014 that I'm not a Hewitt descendant but a Gresham. Since then I've been working with my estimated 7th/8th cousin (and US american Gresham cousins) to determine when our ancestor changed his name to Hewitt and under what circumstances. We discovered it only after submitting to a yDNA test at as we were trying to determine if the two main lines of Hewitt families in Onslow Co, NC were related to one another. As it turned out we are related but discovered that we did not match with any other Hewitt men within the database but did match with all of the Gresham men there. Through some research we've been able to estimate the that the change may have occurred on this side of the Pond between 1650 and 1700 but think that comparing our DNA with a Gresham descendant in the UK would help us to narrow in on who our ancestor might have been. We currently believe that our common ancestor may have been fathered by one of Edward the immigrant's sons but more study needs to be done to confirm this to be the case. So we're hoping a Gresham male in the UK would be willing to submit to a 111 marker yDNA test. Feel free to contact me here if you're interested. -Woody

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    I have been waiting for a UK Gresham to test, also. I'm stuck in Maryland and would like to confirm the jump to the UK. If it would help, I would gladly contribute a little cash to the cause if we find a willing person. There are 16 111 matches on FTDNA for the Gresham/Grisham/Grissom group who, I am sure, would like to see the results.