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    Originally posted by georgian1950 View Post
    I have found plenty of cases where someone has a German ancestor in the early 1800's which I can tie to woman of a particular haplogroup who was enslaved in North Carolina in the early 1700s. You know that there was a group of Germans that got stuck in America for a while in the 1780s. Some of them may have had time to find a bride to take back with them who had ancestry in the North Carolina human trafficking ring. I can come up with all kinds of scenarios. The important thing is that I can show that it happened.

    I think some of the descendents of the enslaved women had enough language and customs handed down that returning to Europe was a real possibility to them. I can show cases of back migration to all parts of Europe.

    Jack Wyatt
    Extremely doubtful that every single German that gets Middle Eastern - Asia Minor in myOrigins and has good family trees not getting anything similar to Middle Eastern - Asia Minor at 23andme is due to your scenario. Anything that fits your scenario would be a one-off and to just happen to find the descendants that have the DNA from those one-offs is statistically improbable.