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Scottish SNP? DalRiada SNP?

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  • Scottish SNP? DalRiada SNP?

    As the administrator of the Campbell project, I follow fairly closely posts/assertions/hypotheses related to Scottish DNA. I just wanted to post my own hypothesis here and get whatever thoughts are available.

    First, it seems that current thought is that L1335+ is a main Scottish DNA SNP.

    Within L1335, I am aware of about 10 participants who have been found positive for FGC10125+. Of these, 8 are in the Campbell project and 5 have Campbell surnames and 3 have non-Campbell surnames but have joined because of their large number of STR matches.

    All of these 8 participants are in my Campbell Group 30 which is the largest, and what I call “core” Campbell group. This group has my Campbell chiefly lines and almost certainly originated in the Argyll area of Scotland. The first graphic above, shows the UK distribution of the oldest known ancestors for this large Group.

    The second graphic is from the People of the British Isles (POBI) study. When viewed side-by-side, it seems obvious to me that my Campbell Group 30, and maybe the haplogroup defined by the FGC10125+ SNP, represent a DalRiada grouping.

    A more readable version of the POBI graphic can be found here:

    Any thoughts? Whether the small number of FGC10125 samples (8) is really representative of Campbell Group30 (207 samples) is open to debate, but clearly my Group 30 STR samples seem to closely map into the POBI DalRiada region.
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    Campbell ancestry

    I would be interested to see what others say about your info, and to know more. One of my 4th Great Grandmothers was Sarah Mathilda Campbell (b 1825 Saint John, NB, Canada), her father on her records is down as Daniel Campbell of Scotland; from my research her parents (from what I can find) were VERY likely Daniel Campbell and Margaret Clark from Nairnshire, Scotland. That is as far as I get in that line.