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  • Where are people discussing now?

    It looks like many people may have had a hard time getting back here, like me. Is there an easy way to see it from the general forums? Or, where have people gone to discuss their African DNA, since this isn't active at all. I most often visit the Afrigeneas DNA forum and I'm subscribed to the mtDNA L3 list. I even found an active U6a1 for my cousin's mtDNA sample since he didn't qualify here - only back in Africa for the past 15,000 years. Curious, Sonia

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    Hi Sonia,

    I have milky white skin and green eyes, and am about as Celtic (northwestern European) as you could find. But the recent Big Y test showed that I have an African Aborigine SNP marker, of perhaps tens of thousands of years ago, and so I can now claim to be of African origin.

    Small world, eh?


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      You could perhaps join Anthrogenica and start a thread there.


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        ... or start a new thread here in the forum... ;-)

        The posters here on this forum change and some are just readers, but I suppose with the right headline and some patience you will get answers from experienced forum members.


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          Reason I mentioned Anthrogenica is that it is not restricted to those who have tested with FTDNA, and is not focused on interpreting FTDNA results as this site tends to be.

          Another place for wider discussion is the Rootsweb mailing lists:


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            Originally posted by Petra View Post
            ... or start a new thread here in the forum... ;-)
            OK, I will take you up on that suggestion. Besides, the audience here might be interested to learn of a white guy with African Aborigine DNA, even if such SNP yDNA could be rather ancient. But it is an interesting fact, which might bring about some conversation.