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Dad has a 25/37 Marker Match

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  • Dad has a 25/37 Marker Match

    Dear Dra Ana & Greg,
    Finally!!!! My father has a match. This individual actually isn't knew. He matched Dad at the 12 marker, and same Haplogroup. I received an email today from FTDNA indicating Dad had a exact 25-marker match and a 2-genetic difference match at the 37-marker with this same individual. What's really curious is that this gentlemen's most distant paternal male's 1st/middle name matches a name within the family tree. We have a John Wesley that married my great-grandfather's sister Ellen Swepston. My father's match indicates his most distant paternal male is a John Wesley Ferrell born around 1822, our John was born around 1830. Our family was in the Chicago area and their family was in the Cincinnatti area, what a coincidence? Just thought I would share. I sent Mr. Ferrell an email, hopefully I will hear from him. Also, I had another match on my mother's line whose last name is Taylor but he matched Dad's maternal line and also is from the Cincinnatti area. I thought this was interesting.

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    How exciting Denise. I hope you hear some word from him.