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  • Casting Call?

    When African American Lives first aired in February 2006, over
    eleven million people watched me help eight celebrity guests reclaim
    their lost roots. Since then, I have been deluged with requests from
    viewers wanting to know how they too can use genealogy and genetics
    to learn about their family history.

    To acknowledge this interest, and believing that all of us can
    benefit from exploring our past, I have decided to help
    one 'regular' African American person discover his or her forgotten
    ancestry - and that person could be YOU!

    Henry Louis Gates Jr.

    African American Lives Casting Call -

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    This sounds so exciting. I can't wait to see if it's someone from our project that wins.


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      My computer was acting funny. I think I have to try the link again. It is interesting thou that they are looking at everyday people.