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White guy with African Aborigine DNA

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  • White guy with African Aborigine DNA

    On another thread it was suggested that I start a new thread to introduce a topic which could be of some surprise to readers here. But as based on the new Big Y test the topic I introduce here is entirely true.

    I am your typical Celtic (northwestern European) white guy, including milky white skin with green eyes. At FTDNA I have tested to 111 STR markers, have taken the former Deep Clade SNP test and have recently completed the Big Y SNP test, and so I can demonstrate and prove that I really am a white guy.

    Yet something else appeared on my Big Y test results, which may be quite ancient, but it turns out that I also have an African Aborigine SNP marker, meaning that I can legitimately claim to be of African origin.

    Small world, eh?

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    What do you mean by "an African Aborigine SNP marker"? Do you mean a Y-SNP associated with an early macrohaplogroup such as CT? Almost everyone with non-African ancestry has that.

    Or do you mean more literally that you belong to, say, the A1b1b2b haplogroup?


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      Interesting, but from Y-DNA alone?

      As I understand it your direct paternal line (Y-DNA) would show that these male fathers, grandfathers & great-grandfathers were likely to be decendants from some world region. I was not aware that they could basically say that you have a spec of some other region based on Y-DNA alone.

      The fact that someone has very white skin and green eyes is an indication of your overall genetic makeup; 25% from the direct paternal line, 25% the direct maternal line and 50% from all of the other men and women who bred with those on the direct paternal and maternal lines. Therefore, approximately 75% of what you look like comes from other than your Y-DNA.

      Green eyes and milky white skin are only some of the characteristics of the "typical NW European white guy"; to be considered are also facial features, hair texture & color, et cetera.

      Yes, the DNA results and interpretations can be very interesting. Thanks for sharing.