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My husband is Bulgarian and...

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  • My husband is Bulgarian and...

    Today the GP results page stated this:

    "Your sample has completed the DNA analysis phase of testing. However, during quality control your initial results failed to clearly indicate your haplogroup. We must perform additional testing to accurately determine your deep ancestral lineage. This is not uncommon, but will delay the posting of your results by two to three weeks.

    We appreciate your patience. Please also note that this delay is a sign of the Project's success in increasing the diversity of samples in our database.

    If we find that there is a problem at any point during the processing of your sample, you will receive an updated message when you log in to check your status."

    We tested his paternal lineage. Any other Eastern Europeans have a similar delay?

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    It's fairly normal. Happened to my father in law, he is from the UK.

    Whilst you are waiting you can get a prediction by entering your results here...


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      Thank you Earl Davis!


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        Originally posted by vi112 View Post
        Any other Eastern Europeans have a similar delay?
        Yes, this is common. It means that Genographic is running a basic haplogroup test, because your 12 markers do not unambiguously indicate your haplogroup.

        When your results are complete, please transfer (copy) your results to Family Tree DNA so you can find out who matches you.


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          Also, after transferring you results to FamiyTreeDNA, please join the Bulgarian DNA project.
          Bulgarian Y haplogroup distribution differ somewhat from the West European and he may find his closest matches there.