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  • New Test!!

    Dear Project Members,

    There are two major announcements today.

    National Geographic's Genographic Project has announced a new DNA test. In a major step away from basic Y-DNA12 and mtDNA HVR1 testing, they have changed to a custom designed microarray chip test. Here are the highlights:

    1) For men, around 15,000 Y-DNA SNPs including ones from the current tree and entirely new ones from accademic labs' Roche 454 machine research.
    2) Thousands of points on the mtDNA. This will be enough to determine most branches on the new Phylotree V14 / mtDNA Community tree. NOTE, it is not a replacement for the mtDNA full sequence test.
    3) Tens of thousands of Ancestry Informative autosomal and X-Chromosome markers. This includes markers from Neanderthal and Denisovan genomes. Yes, they will tell you real percentages of matching against Neanderthals AND Denisovans.


    Native Heritage Project

    DNA Explained national-geographic-geno-2-0-announcement-the-human-story

    Your Genetic Genealogist

    I am going on vacation through November 15, 2012. I will drop in once a month to update project subgroupings, but that is about it. Please read the FAQ at FTDNA and use the FB group to talk about your results.

    Volunteer Administrator, Family Tree DNA

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    I received the same email and paid/ordered my GenoProjectConversion June 2012. I got the FF test done in March 2012, then the mtfullsequence in April. I hope I don't have pay again in order to participate in the Geno 2.0.


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      If you click on the links I posted above if you get to the bottom. FTDNA will be offering the test too. It states The price is $199

      For Family Tree DNA clients who will be offered the upgrade in the late summer or fall, you will be able to upgrade if your DNA is less than 4 or 5 years old. Otherwise, you’ll receive a new swab kit too.

      All processing will be done at the Family Tree DNA Houston facility.


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        it says this will make the deep clade test obsolete... I want to do it. Do you think it would be better to order from Nat Geo, or wait until FTDNA offers an upgrade in the fall?


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          Im just going to wait on FTDNA. I am so excited They are adding X Chrome too.