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    Donald, I think you are right about your great Aunt. My mother's grandmother is from a town called Foggia in Italy. They were all very fair blondes. I did the Genographic project for my test rresults, so they are talking thousands of years ago. However it would explain the blondes in the female line, unlike myself! My father is going to do this too so it will be interesting to see his results. I assume his will be totally different. I also assume that this test is right on the money as far as DNA is concerned, but I do not believe humans are as old as the Genographic project is asserting.

    I take a more biblical view and believe we only go back about 6,000 years or so. I do appreciate science and this has been a learning experience, but not everything can be explained, for we are not the architects of our universe and of our bodies!


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      chart question

      I am not able to print out the chart, was anyone else able to see the numbers/sequencing I suppose to be able, I was only able to print out the ones they gave me. I really do not understand what I have done. It does say HVRI sequence and 16292T, 16519C
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        I have the same number 16519 C

        What does that mean?

        Originally posted by Etruscan
        HI Donald...there is not a whole lot out there, but here is what I found:

        I have one mutation which is 16519 C in group H> I found that this mutation points to Northern Europe. Email me if find out anything else...thanks!


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          No CRS number-but have the same 16519 C

          what is CRS and how can we get them, will they tell us anymore? My info does lists subgroups, preHV, U, T, J, R5 and R6, if that is what you guys mean.

          Originally posted by Shari
          You are lucky. I just got Haplogroup H on mine. No CRS numbers at all.
          So makes it really hard to find what subgroups I am from.
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            Keli, I am not sure what you are asking. I participated in the Genographic Project from National Geographic. What kit did you use? I received my results a couple of weeks ago. The mutation 16519C in Haplogroup H points to Northern Europe. I posted a link I found with more info a few posts up.


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              Where does CRS mutations 16086 C point to?


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                I believe there is an H refinement test available.

                Discover your family, paternal, and maternal ancestry with our full selection Autosomal, Y-DNA, and mtDNA tests!

                Look for an email contact for more info.

                My Haplo H has 2 mutations in the 1st segment: 16145A, and 16519C

                And 5 mutations in the second: 152C, 263G, 309.1C, 309.2C, 315.1C

                I am told this is not enough to determine an ethnic placing

                I'd ask about the H sub-group test and what it might tell you.
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                  Only a few Haplo H members have the 16145A mutation. I thought because it was rather rare (in my searches)it would point to an isolated group?
                  Compared with my 16519C which seems very common.


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                    Actually I am the only Haplo "H" in the data bank with 16145A under HVR1

                    HVR1 16145A , 16519C.


                    I have matches in Haplo H with all HVR2 mutations (with the HVR1, 16519C)

                    152C, 263G, 309.1C, 309.2C, 315.1C


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                      Hvr1 16519c

                      Hello out there! I'm another 16519C (one of 1586 posted FTDNA matches!). My HVR2 differences from CRS are 263G, 309.1C and 315.1C and I'm Haplogroup H. I "only" have 80 combined HVR1 & HVR2 matches posted! I can't i.d. my mother's line past her grandma Lallou (Lou) Wilton (?) Scoggin (b. 1876 Tennessee or Arkansas, d. 1954 Garner, White County, Arkansas). Her father was John Wilton, born in England (?). This is all I know about the line. Any known family connections out there? Thanks, Dave


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                        I did the refine test. Would recommend it to anyone.

                        Finally got the results... I am H13... with CR numbers matching, so far,, only persons from Italy.

                        Only person from Italy in my line is my Grandfather on Mom's side. My family has always had to do things the interesting way.


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                          Originally posted by Carmen Sandiego
                          Searching for answers on the net, I think this mutation means that I belong to Haplogroup H I3a.

                          Which ethnicities mainly belong to this group?
                          Think I am reading you are H 13 ?

                          Check these links out.

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                          I just I could get a more refined test for H13.


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                            There is one other one I just can't figure out where I put that is a pretty good read.


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                              I just got my results from the Genographic Project.
                              I'm a Helena with mutations in 16261T and 16519C.
                              If any others of haplogroup H have mutations in 261T and 519C, can you please pm me?
                              I hope to have my HRV2 tested in the future and to find out what subclade I belong to.


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                                To get tested for your subclade, you have to order FTDNA's subclade test, not the HVR2. I'm not sure if all subclades can be predicted from HVR results. You can decide later if you want to test your HVR2 too, to get a better resolution within your subclade.