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  • Improvements/corrections

    The Genographic site seems to be working on improvements. I have noticed some additional material added to the explanatory panel that displays with the results (not always well edited though). I had waited almost a month for my Y data uploaded from FTDNA to appear, and finally got that straightened out through the help of Eileen Krause at FTDNA--a software bug, evidently. Finally, I had complained here at one point about the optional page allowing entry of one's family background information; it did not really allow sufficient specificity, but it now includes an "ethnicity" specification so that you do not simply have to list "United States, English" as your grandparents' birthplace and language which of course was uninformative. Hope they keep working on it.

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    Eileen - a very good FTDNA contact

    By the way, Eileen is a very good contact person. She's very nice, prompt and provides good answers. Highly recommended!