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  • Question - Purpose

    I paid to have my brother's y-dna info transferred to the project, but besides nothing happening as far as any further information or contact to us. I think this project is just providing additional data for research and not providing the payer anything, is that correct??
    I thought it would provide us with some more information, but personally it seems like it was a waste of money. I have had no further contact since the original order in November.

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    From FTDNA to Genographic?

    If you transferred your FTDNA results to the Genographic Project, the primary purpose (as far as I can see) is to make a $15 donation to Genographic. You should also be given a Genographic code by which you can read Genographic's obsolete description of your haplogroup.


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      Your Genographic ID was displayed on-screen after you completed the transfer. If you did not see this ID, you can contact the FTDNA helpdesk using the Feedback link at the top of the FTDNA homepage or via your myFTDNA page, and they will look up the ID for you.

      Once you have the Genographic ID, you can log into your account at Genographic to see what's available there.



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        Thanks, sounds like it was basically a waste. Oh, well.