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How long til data uploaded?

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  • How long til data uploaded?

    I requested my Y-DNA and mtDNA to be uploaded to Genographic Project. I received an email saying it would be available the next day. Well midday into next day here and my result have not been included to Genographic Project. What are the time expecatancy to see result included into the Genographic Project?

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    I just checked mine and it is up and running. It is well worth the $15.


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      Yes it definately has been updated.

      Through other channel I heard the first few batches are being QA and monitored closely and that in near future it will definately be a next day thing.



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        This is our third day of waiting...kit ID is still "not recognized".

        It would have been nice if they had a contact for the Genographic project.


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          It would be nice if Family Tree DNA would enable folks to retain their Genographic ID on their personal page. They do e-mail it to you, so check your e-mail (if you saved it) & make sure you are using the right ID. Mine was posted within 24 hours.

          Timothy Peterman


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            it took me two days to get my uploaded.


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              24 hours and waiting for me. Still a little annoying that they charge $15 EACH for the mtDNA and Y DNA. Hope it's worth it.


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                They really charge $15 each that rips... I was going to add my Y Chromosone after my SNP gets back, but I don't know...


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                  Too slow...

                  I submitted my request on Sunday and had the ID number generated. I cannot log on yet... Still waiting... I've only paid for the mtDNA because I don't expect much from a 12 marker Y-DNA test... too general. At least on the mtDNA I have a high-res match which "narrows down" the common female ancestor to about 600 years.


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                    Slow, very slow...

                    Day 3 and still counting...


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                      Batch Delays

                      I e-mailed FT and they said batches are submitted every other Thursday so, for example, if one missed the 6/9 deadline then it doesn't go in until 6/23.

                      I am confused by the discussion about transfer difficulties and fees from the Genographic project. I clicked the link, gave permission and received a kit number immediately and was able to logon the same day and no fees were involved.


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                        Problem solved!

                        I finally got my info uploaded and got an e-mail from FTDNA about it. They had some little glitches but they should be solved quickly. Just have a bit of patience. The info is uploaded already so all you have to do is participate to the project and fill in your info (orgin, parents' ethnicity, etc.). You can also print a map, a certificate and a 2-page info on your haplogroup. Quite useful and worth (in my opinion) the $15.


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                          Y-DNA upload in a day

                          I just wanted to say that yesterday I paid $15 for the Y-DNA upload and today I could already log in.

                          In terms of what you get, it's not going beyond what you already know. They only use HVR-1 for mtDNA and Y-DNA 12, but my understanding is that right now we're just assisting them in getting better results and more data. The payoff is definitely in the future. Perhaps once they have more info than what FTDNA currently offers, paid subscribers might get access to information that will be posted on their website only in an abstract type of article, while we might get access to the hole document.

                          Of course, this is only based on common sense and personal intuition...


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                            I really want to see a complete record before I pay the money and get my own... Can anyone provide a full sized screen shot of their genographic report or private message me an ID number so I can look at yours? I have contacted NG and they said they couldn't provide a more detailed example dna page...


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                              A screen shot would be hard because what you get is a page with multiple windows, each of which has submenus, and many of those are scrollable. The only thing that is really unique is a little picture of the mtDNA or Y chromosome molecule, pointing to the sites where your mutations are located and labeling them as such. The other information provided is basically the same as that in the general "timeline" part of their site, where you can click on the migration route segment that corresponds to your haplogroup and read about it. There is really no personalization beyond that.